Parents: Support Your Reader with a Bookopolis Parent Account

Congratulations on setting up a Parent account in Bookopolis!  We are a kid-friendly social network and book discovery tool designed to ignite a love of reading in elementary and middle school students. Kind of like a Goodreads made just for kids.

Students create virtual bookshelves and safely connect with peers to swap book reviews and recommendations. They can explore tons of curated book lists and read reviews from other kids around the world. Teachers use this tool to monitor and track students’ reading and writing through digital reading logs and book reports.

Here are some of the ways you can use Bookopolis to support your student’s growth as a reader.

1. Keep up to date on your Student’s Reading Life


  • See what books your kids are reading and what they want to read.
  • Check out their book reviews and reports.
  • Look at their Reading log to see the minutes and pages read for a certain time period.

You can click into your student’s Bookopolis bookshelves by going to My World-My Friends and clicking on their avatar. Or, you have full access to your students’ account by clicking on View Kids World from your My Kids page.


2. Use this knowledge to start book discussions at home

To grow as readers, students – even strong, high-achieving readers – need to think more deeply about what they read. This doesn’t mean you need to make flash cards and quizzes to test your kids. Just talk about books. Ask them about the characters, themes, or exciting plot points.  See here for a list of questions to start a book discussion while driving carpool or at the dinner table.

3. Know what books to buy your kids (or what to tell friends and family to buy them)

mywishlistBooks make great gifts for birthdays and holidays, but what to get??! Check out your student’s Bookopolis Wishlist. Click into their account and click on My World-MyWishlist. You can even email this link to grandparents or friends (this link is publicly viewable.)

Or, use our Book Discovery tools to find the perfect book.  We have tons of New Book Ideas organized by Genre, Grade Level, Readers Also Liked, or New Releases. Or, sit down with your students as they use our BookQuest tool and see what book path they choose.

4. Connect other siblings and friends in Bookopolis

AddaKidIf a teacher set up your student’s account, they are automatically connected as “friends” with classmates so they can see their peer’s bookshelves and recommend books to each other. You can add siblings to your family’s account through the Add Kids. All of your “kids” will be connected as friends.

If your student uses the “invite a friend” feature to connect with another friend, you’ll receive an email to approve that connection. See more info on how to invite friends to join your student in Bookopolis here.

5. Share your own KidLit Reading Life and Book Recommendations

Public ReviewsDo you read children and YA books? Or have childhood favorites to share with your kids? You have your own Bookopolis World page.  You can fill your “My Books” with your favorite children’s books and add ratings and reviews.  You can even send a recommendation to your kid.

(Pro tip: Don’t be offended if they don’t take it…I started this website because I realized that my kids listened to their friends more than they did to me for book ideas!  But, it’s always worth a try to tell our kids about a new book!)


If you have more questions or feedback, get in touch with the Mayor of Bookopolis at or via Twitter @bookopolis.


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