Family Book Discussion Prompts

kariandkidsGetting your kids to talk about what they read is a simple and effective way to help strengthen the comprehension and analysis skills they need to grow as a reader.

Here are some easy discussion starters for those spare minutes in carpool, the grocery line, around the dinner table, or even during your kids’ playdates.

  1. What are you reading? What is it about?
  2. Why did you pick that book or magazine?
  3. Tell me about the main characters.
  4. Who’s your favorite character? Why?
  5. Do any of the characters remind you of yourself, your friends, or family members? How?Would you be friends with any of these characters in real life?
  6. How is this book similar to other stories you have read or movies you have seen?
  7. What’s the main problem or conflict in the story?
  8. Are there issues in the book that are similar to anything going on in the world right now or in history? .
  9. What did you learn from this book? About yourself? Or the world? Or other people?
  10. What do you like (dislike) about the writing style?
  11. Describe a part that puzzled you or made you ask questions.
  12. What are three new words you learned in this book?
  13. Who else would like this books? Siblings? Friends? Parents?

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