Review Policy

Hi!  I love to review books for 7-13 year old readers.  I include reviews on this site as the Mayor of Bookopolis and as the mom of 2 boy readers. is a social network and book discovery tool that helps readers, under the age of 13, find books they are excited to read by letting them safely connect with peers to share reviews and recommend books.

I only add positive reviews on this site. If I did not think this book would be appropriate or enjoyable to kids, I will not share a public review.  But, even if I did not enjoy a book personally, I read books with the lens of “would a 7-13 year old enjoy this?” I draw on my kids and other kids in Bookopolis to help figure out the answer to that question.  So, I could write a review of a book that didn’t do it for me, but I think some kids would really dig it. I also add my reviews directly on

I cannot review all books that I receive.  If you REALLY want me to review it, send me an email at and let’s connect!

I do book giveaways either through this blog, our Bookopolis newsletter, and/or directly to kid readers via  If you want to share your book in any of these ways, let’s connect about that, too.

My goal is to help kids (and their parents and teachers) find the book that nurtures their lifelong love of reading.

Happy Reading!


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