Teaching Digital Citizenship with Bookopolis – Lesson #3

Lesson #3: Hacking = Cheating & Early Lessons on Security

The term “hacking” can often be used in a positive way.  Kids brag sometimes about being able to “hack” into each other’s accounts as a sign of their high tech savvy. Most kids know that if they look on their classmates’ quiz, that’s cheating. And, they would never take a friend’s homework and change the answers for them.  But, sometimes students say “I know Matt’s password, I can login to his account and see what he’s doing.”  Help them make the connection that “hacking” in this way is the equivalent of “cheating.”  Respecting other people’s privacy is an important lesson to drive home with the youngest of students.

view friendsHow Bookopolis can Reinforce this Lesson: 

Students can “view” each other’s bookshelves in Bookopolis.  Talk about how this action is different than logging into a friends’ account to see their Bookopolis info.  Is it ever appropriate to log into someone else’s technology programs?

You can also start a conversation about security and the importance of using passwords that are easy to remember but not known to others.  Students can be taught early to be protective of their online identity and what to do if they think someone else is using their accounts.

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