I thought 15 was the age when my kids would stop taking my advice…

Hi there!  I’m Kari (aka Mayor of Bookopolis) – a social entrepreneur, avid reader, and mom of two wonderfully wild and sweet elementary school boys.  I’m grateful that my boys share my love of reading, but finding a new book is often a challenge for them.  After giving them countless book suggestions that were unheeded, I noticed that they would get excited about a new book if a FRIEND recommended it rather than dear ol’ mom. (Even if it was the SAME book that I had recommended, hmm…)

This inspired me to create Bookopolis.com, a fun online community made especially for 7-12 year old readers to connect with friends and share book ideas. It’s part social network and part book discovery tool and totally safe for kids.  We are always open to new ways to help kids get excited about reading for fun. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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