Teaching Digital Citizenship with Bookopolis – Lesson #2

Digital CitizenshipLesson #2: What does Cyberbullying look and feel like? 

For older elementary and middle students, the concept of Cyberbullying is a big one.  Some obvious forms include sending a mean text, making an unkind comment about someone online. Less obvious forms might include not tagging someone in a social media photo or purposely sending a message to everyone but one classmate. Remind students that the “golden rule” applies to online behavior as well as in real life. Encourage them to think before they act online.

How Bookopolis Can Reinforce This Lesson:

Recommend booksStudents can recommend books to friends in Bookopolis along with a personalized message.  What books they choose to recommend and what text they include in their message are opportunities for kids to practice strong digital citizenship skills.  If a 5th grade boy recommends “My Little Pony” books to all the boys in his class, how is that cyberbullying? Could someone feel they are being made fun of?

Talk to students about how the online tools you use in class are fun but must be taken seriously, too.  Bookopolis is a tool to help you find a book you’re excited to read.  If you make a joke out of it, you won’t be able to benefit from its value.

Educator’s Note: All “recommend messages” can be seen automatically by you though the Monitor Student Work feature in your Teacher Dashboard.  Most educators scan this occasionally to make sure the messages being sent by students are appropriate with class norms.

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