Bookopolis FAQs

Uggh, the site is not letting me log in! 

That is so frustrating.  Make sure you’ve picked the right log in (student, parent, or teacher.)  If you’re using a Google login, check that you’re not signed into Google with a different gmail account.  If it still doesn’t work, send us a message HERE and we’ll get it fixed for you as quick as we can.

How do I reset my password or my student’s password? 

You can change your password anytime in your Profile page (Same place you go to change avatars.) If your student forgets their password, teachers and parents can change it through your Teacher/Parent Dashboard.  See screenshots of how to change passwords here.

My Books aren’t showing up!  What should I do? 

This might happen if you have a lot of books on your shelf.  We are working to fix it.  For now, try refreshing your page (the refresh button for most browsers is a small half circle button near where the website address in your browser is. )  If that doesn’t work, try logging out and logging back in.  Wait 4-5 seconds to see if your books finish loading.  If this error persists, send us a note through this Feedback form.

What if my student already has an account? 

Teachers should create new accounts for ALL students in your class, even if a student already has a Bookopolis account. Here are instructions for students to easily MERGE new accounts with their previous (ORIGINAL) accounts.  By doing this, a student will be connected to their current class as well as keep all of their original Bookopolis activity such as books, points, badges, friends, etc.

I want more avatars!  When are you getting new ones?

We are working to add more avatars and should have more up in November.  Have an idea? Send the Mayor your suggestion here.

My Books aren’t showing up on my Reading Log. What do I do?

The Reading Log only shows books that are on your “Reading It Now” list.  To see how to do this  — and find out other potential reasons this is happening — click here.

Do you have any information for parents? 

Yes! Here’s a letter you can customize for your families in English and Spanish. When you enter a parent’s email for your student, parents will receive an email to create their own account that is connected to their student. Learn more here.


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