What if my student already has a Bookopolis account?

Teachers should create new accounts for ALL students in your class, even if a student already has a Bookopolis account.

Here are instructions for students to easily MERGE new accounts with their previous (ORIGINAL) accounts.  By doing this, a student will be connected to their current class as well as keep all of their original Bookopolis activity such as books, points, badges, friends, etc.

Step 1: From the homepage, Select Log In-Students. Enter NEW username and password created by your teacher.

LogIn with New

Step 2: If you have an account already, choose “Yes” and check “Don’t Show Me This Again” so you do not see this message every time you sign in.

Do You Have An Account
Step 3: Enter in your ORIGINAL Username and Password information

Add Original Username

Step 4: You will see a message that we are merging your NEW and your ORIGINAL accounts. You will be automatically logged out in a few seconds.

Combining Accounts

Step 5: Log back in (LogIn-Students) with your ORIGINAL username and password.  This will be your username and password you use when you log in to Bookopolis.

LogIn with New

When you log back in you should see all of your original Bookopolis account activity!

Need more help? Contact us at info@bookopolis.com

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