What if my book doesn’t show up in the search bar?

Here are the steps we recommend if students have trouble finding their book using the Bookopolis search:

1. Be sure to have students check both the Kids and YA options on the search bar. There’s an option to toggle between Kids and YA on the search bar. Check the spelling of the title since our search is sensitive to spelling. And, try both the title and the series name (if it’s a series.) If students are not finding a book that should be considered children’s/YA, email me the title so I can tweak our search algorithm and I’ll send you the book link.

2. Use the SEARCH FOR MISSING BOOKS button in your Teacher Dashboard. Since our users are mostly under age 13, the Bookopolis search engine pulls from book data that is categorized as Children’s or YA books. If your students are reading other books, the Search for Missing Books feature allows you to search Google Books which includes access to adult books. Here’s a tutorial if you want to see screenshots, or follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Teacher Dashboard.
  • From the main page where you see your classes listed, go to the right sidebar menu and click on Search for Missing Books.
  • Type in the book title.
  • From Search Results, click “Send to Class or Students” to either send this book to a specific student(s) or a whole class.
  • The book will appear in the students’ RECENT UPDATES page. Students can then click the book from their RECENT UPDATES and add to “My Books” to rate, review, recommend, or log the book. 

3. Contact Bookopolis (info@bookopolis.com) if there’s a book that should be coming up in the search and it’s not. We can add it to our database or show you another super secret way to add books to Bookopolis.

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