Tutorial: How to Add Missing Books in Bookopolis

Can’t find your book in Bookopolis with either the Children’s or Young Adult search bars? If you can find it on Amazon, your teacher can add it for you.

Here’s how:

1.From Teacher Dashboard — click Search for Missing Books under the Quick Actions link on the right side bar

Step 1

2. Type in the Title or Author (Be sure it’s spelled correctly) and click the search button.

Step 2

3. You can send this book as a link to one or multiple classes and it will show up in the students’ Recent Updates page.  You can add a message, too.

Step 3

4.The students in the class(es) you sent it to will see it in their Recent Updates page like this.  They can click on the book cover and then Add to My Books.Step4


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5 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Add Missing Books in Bookopolis

  1. Thanks for this! You know we’ll be using it! By the way, they also love the “leaderboard” feature. How do those “worldwide” students get so many points?!

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