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Introducing a new feature in Bookopolis! Motivate students to spend more time reading by creating a custom Reading Challenge for students in your class. Right now, the challenge feature focuses on setting a goal for number of books read per student in a given time period. Try creating a challenge that is meaningful to your class, and let us know how we can continue to improve this feature to support you and your readers.

(If you want to create a class goal for minutes or pages read, you can use the existing Reading Log combined with Class Snapshot reports to track that data.)

Log in to your Teacher Dashboard and click on a Class. Select “Create Reading Challenge” to create, edit, and view challenges.

Name your challenge and set a target number of books to read in a given time period. For example, try the 40 book challenge as suggested by Donalyn Miller (aka the Book Whisperer.) Or, challenge students to read 5 books in a given month (picture books and graphic novels count!) For some classes, adding a reward to your challenge will be an extra motivator. Explore these no or low-cost reward ideas.

Share the challenge with students. In your teacher dashboard you can edit a custom message about the challenge that will show up on students’ “Recent Updates” page in Bookopolis.

Encourage students to add books and track their own progress. Every book that students add to their “I Read It” shelf with a Finished Date during the challenge time period will count towards the challenge. They will see their progress with the “Current Challenge” badge on their Recent Updates page displayed during the challenge time period.

Track student progress in your Teacher Dashboard. Go to “View Challenge” and then select the current challenge to see a report of each students’ progress towards achieving the target goal of books read. You can use the “Class Message” feature in Bookopolis to send reminders to students.

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