Bookopolis Reading Challenges: Reward Ideas

For students who are working to make reading a daily habit, creating a Reading Challenge can be a great motivator. Bookopolis lets teachers set and track reading goals for students by number of books, minutes, or pages read over a given period of time.

We believe that helping students find a book they’re genuinely excited to read is the most essential element in getting them to read. However, providing an extrinsic reward that is motivating to students can be the added ‘cherry on top’ that some students need to pick up a book and spend more time reading.

Here are a few ideas that some educators have used as rewards at the end of a Reading Challenge:

  • Extra time to read independently in class
  • Additional read aloud time by a mystery reader – can be done by librarian, administrator, parent or local celebrity
  • New books for individual students or the classroom – check out Bookopolis giveaways for free book opportunities
  • Visit from an author – author and publisher websites often note if authors will do free, virtual visits
  • Character day – come to school dressed up like your favorite character

Special Activities

  • Extra recess or playtime
  • Board game day
  • Pajama day or other Spirit day
  • Popcorn & movie afternoon
  • No homework night/weekend

Grown-ups Acting Silly

  • Promise that the teacher will come to school…dressed as Batman or with purple hair or with their clothes inside out (whatever would make your students giggle and feel special)
  • Have the principal or other school leader…wear a wig, play the guitar, serenade them with a song, do a magic trick (again, whatever would make your students giggle and feel special)

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