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I’ve been using my summer downtime to enjoy LOTS of books. Almost #bookaday and definitely supporting the #readeveryday movement. I’ve explored ARCs that will come out during Fall 2018, newly released titles, and backlist recommendations from readers I trust.

I created a “My Book List” on Bookopolis to share my 2018 Summer Reads.  You can make one to share, too. Learn more here. I’d love to see your lists!

Here are a few of my recent reads of new or coming soon books. 

tale of scaredy dogIn this sweet and charming book for newly independent readers, Bea Garcia tells the story of her best friend – her dog Sophie. When her pesky neighbor’s pet – Big Kitty – scares Sophie so much she runs away, Bea is on a mission to bring her bestie back home.




BABY-CODE-Board-BookIn BABY CODE!, Baby uses words to tell Doggie what to do just like code uses letters and numbers to tell computers what to do! This board book series is a super fun way to introduce even the youngest book lovers to coding.



FriendshipCodeCoverFour middle school friends come together to solve a coding puzzle. Great for fans of The Babysitters Club or other sweet, friendship centered stories. But, this one has the added benefit of actually teaching you how to code. This is great for advanced 2nd-3rd grade readers as well as 4th grade and up.



storm runnerExcellent book for fans of mythology inspired adventures like Percy Jackson. Zane is living a relatively normal life in New Mexico with his mom, uncle, and beloved dog, Rosie, when he comes to realize that he is godborn and has unknowingly part of an ancient prophecy. He must battle Ah-Puch, the smelly and disgusting god of death, darkness, and destruction. Wild escapades and new friends (and new enemies) spill out as Zane fulfills his role in the Mayan prophecy that might or might not end the world as we know it. Great characters, quality writing, and a great mix of action and humor make this a perfect pick for fans of fantasy and adventure.


the-memory-of-forgotten-things-9781481478656_lg Sophia has never told anyone about her unusual memories—snapshots of a past that never happened. But everything changes when Sophia’s seventh grade English class gets an assignment to research solar eclipses. She becomes convinced that the upcoming solar eclipse will grant her the opportunity to make her alternate life come true, to enter a world where her mother never died. With the help of two misfit boys, she must figure out a way to bring her mother back to her—before the opportunity is lost.


grenade Another incredible adventure tale from the author of Refugee. In this historical fiction story set in Okinawa in 1945 during WWII. Hideki is a young native Okinawan who has been forced to fight for the Japanese. Ray is a young American marine on his first military mission. Their worlds collide in a heart-pounding battle that shows the humanity and sadness of war in a way that is approachable and informative for young readers.


mightier than the swordAn absurd, pun-filled, interactive adventure tale starring..YOU! Cleverly written in 2nd person, you are on a mission to save Prince S. as you navigate the wild and inventive world of Astorya. There are lots of ways to make the story your own with Mad Libesque word games, space to draw weapons to save yourself, and puzzles to solve. My favorite part was the footnotes. Clever and witty and full of new vocabulary.


fovea munson Fovea’s 7th-grade classmates have given her the unfortunate nickname of Igor on account that her parents own a cadaver lab and work with dead bodies. When she’s stuck working at the lab during the summer, she finds herself in the midst of a mystery involving three disembodied heads who start talking to her. This is a mystery with an absurd sense of humor and characters who learn the power of embracing the now. Recommended for 3rd-7th graders who love humor, adventure, and a bit of grossness.


rad girls can An excellent collection of stories about amazing women who accomplished important things before the age of 20. It includes stories of known women like Malala Yousafzi, Anne Frank, and Joan of Arc, but also stories of women you’ve never heard of like Yurra, a Syrian refugee who saved a boat or Trisha, a high schooler who is the first female youth governor of Illinois and the CEO of her own tech company. This is a beautiful, well-researched piece of nonfiction that makes a great read-aloud for older elementary and middle school classrooms.


she loves you A fantastic, charming realistic fiction story set in 1960s Rhode Island during the heart of Beatlemania. Sixth-grader Trudy has gone from the President of the most popular after-school club at school (Beatles Fan Club) to having her best friend leave her to be friends with the cheerleaders. As she starts to feel disconnected from her parents and her former friends, she hopes her love of the Beatles can help her reconnect. A concocted adolescent plan to see the Beatles in Boston leads to adventures that will change everyone. Recommended for 5th grade and up.






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