Creating Bookopolis accounts via Google or Edmodo

You can create your teacher and student accounts with one click using our Single Sign On (SSO) integrations with leading edtech platforms like Google, Edmodo, Clever, and — coming soon — Canvas.

Here’s how to do this for Google or Edmodo: 

1.Be logged in to your Google or Edmodo teacher account

2.In a new tab, go to Select SIGN UP – TEACHERS.

sign up with 1.png

3. Select the platform you want to use – Edmodo, Google, or Canvas.

sign-up-with4.You’ll see a prompt from the partner to verify you want to link your account. 

5.Finish filling out needed fields in Bookopolis – Avatar, Screen Name (this is what students will see for you), and your School Name. If your school is not in our list, please click Add School and fill in School Name and Zip Code (at a minimum — you can include your school address if you want.) Click Finish.

add fields.png


This will automatically create your Teacher Account AND accounts for your students based on how they are set up in classes in Google Classroom or Edmodo. When you log into Bookopolis next, you’ll see your classes in your Teacher Dashboard. Click into a class to see your students’ accounts.


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