Leveled Book Report Questions Support Creative Thinking

Many thanks to Sparkitivity for helping expand Bookopolis Book Reports to offer tiered levels of questions that encourage students to think more deeply about the stories they read and foster their creativity.

Read more here about the teaching philosophy behind creative questioning in this great post by creativity expert, educator and Sparkitivity founder, Kathryn Haydon.

Teachers, these questions are offered as flexible curriculum support for you.   Ask students to answer all questions. Or, focus in on a particular level for a group of students who will benefit from digging deeper.

Leveled Book Report Questions

Question #1: Setting

Level 1: Where does this story take place?

Level 2: If you were going to rewrite the story, where would you have it take place?

Level 3: If the story had taken place in a different country/planet/setting, how would it be different?


Question #2: Characters

Level 1: Who is/are the main character?

Level 2: Brainstorm a list of qualities that the main character used to overcome the main challenge or conflict in the story.

Level 3: Choose one of the qualities that you brainstormed. Describe how you have used (or could use) that quality in your own challenge.



Question #3: Themes & Morals

Level 1: What are all the possible themes or morals in the story?

Level 2: What other books have similar themes or morals?

Level 3: What big questions or ideas did this story make you curious about?



Question #4: Big Picture Questions

Level 1: What was your favorite (or least favorite) part of this book?

Level 2: What inspired you about this book?

Level 3: If you could ask the main character one question, what would it be?

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