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Here’s a quick overview of some of the features on My Dashboard to let you track and monitor students’ work in Bookopolis.

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Monitor & Comment on Student’s Reviews, Reports, and Reading Log Entries

Bookopolis Teacher Dashboard - Monitor Student Work - Screenshot

Quick Link: My Dashboard – Monitor Student Work

You can monitor and comment on your students’ activity easily through My Dashboard – Monitor Student Work.

View daily reading log entries, book reviews, or book reports for the whole class or a given student. Enter a date range and then hit Search. You can refine your search to see only work from a certain student or about a certain book.

Click “view review” or “view report” or “view reading log comment” to see their written work and send them a comment.  This comment will show up in your student’s Recent Updates page and is only visible to them.


Track Key Reading Metrics & Keep Up to Date on Popular Books

Class Snapshot (1.11.15)Quick Link:  My Dashboard – View Class Snapsot

You can see # of Books Read, # of Books Reviewed, # of Minutes Read, # of Pages Read for your whole class or for each student.

Just enter in a date range and hit Update Data. To see this data for individual students, select which shelf (or shelves) you want the data for, and click Search. You can also export the data into an .xls file.




View Popular BooksKeep up to date on popular books in your class 

What are your students reading?  View Popular Books lets you answer that easily. This can help you know what books you should be reading or what else you can offer to diversify your students’ reading life.

Use date range at the top of the page and select one (or more) shelves to see popular books that students have Already Read, Want to Read or are Currently Reading.


Click here for suggestions on how students (and teachers) can play in Bookopolis.

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