How Can Students Log-in to Bookopolis via Google Classroom?

When Teachers sign up for Bookopolis via our Single Sign-On integration with Google, we will automatically create Student Accounts in Bookopolis for all students in your Google Classrooms. Teachers: you do NOT need to set student accounts up manually with passwords and usernames. 

Students can log in with their Google credentials by going to BOOKOPOLIS.COM – LOG IN (not sign up!) – STUDENTS – SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE to access their accounts. It helps if they are logged into their Google emails in another tab in the browser.

See screenshots below for how a Student can log into Bookopolis if they have an account created by their Teacher using Google Classroom.

Step #1: Click on LOGIN. Select STUDENTS from the dropdown menu.

Step #2: Choose SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE.

Step #3: Select your Google Email. It helps if you are signed in to your Google Classroom email in another tab in your browser.

Step #4: Google will ask you for permission to let Bookopolis access your account. Press ALLOW at the bottom.

Step #5: You should be logged in now. You will be automatically taken to your Recent Updates page.

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