Mayor’s Book Review: AS YOU WISH

Mayor’s Book Review: As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti

as you wish
 January 2018

Genre: Magical Realism (mostly realistic issues with a touch of magic)

Age: 14+ – swearing and high schoolers drinking/partying

Mayor’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Eldon is counting down the days to his eighteenth birthday. But, not for the reasons you might think.  In Madison, a small town in the Mojave desert on the road between nothing and nowhere, where Eldon lives, everyone can make one wish when they turn eighteen. And, that wish always comes true. There are rules, of course. You can’t wish for unlimited wishes or cause anyone harm, but you could have unlimited money or become the best football player or get the girl. Most kids have picked out their wish years ago, but Eldon is struggling with what to do. Money to help his family out of debt? Something that can help save his sister? A way to get his ex-girlfriend back? He embarks on a mission to interview folks in Madison to see how their lives turned out after their wish to help him figure out what he should wish for on his own wish day.

My Favorite Part: 

I loved the twists and turns of this story. Using a touch of magic with the wish concept while still being grounded in the “real world” allowed the author to address common issues that teenagers face — identity discovery, friendship, heartbreak, desire to be/do something different than your parents think you should be/do, comparison to others – with a fresh spin.  There are multi-dimensional characters in this story who were often different than I expected them to be, and Eldon was a wonderfully flawed character who grows and develops through his own journey of self-discovery.

Who Should Read This Book:  

This is definitely a YA book centered on high schoolers who party, drink, and swear. I recommend it to readers who like coming of age stories that deal with ‘real teen issues’ with great characters and a touch of the fantastical.

About the Author: Chelsea Sedoti

Chelsea Sedoti lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her short stories have been published in Pantheon Magazine and Balloons Lit Journal. She went to school for film and worked as a videographer before switching to writing. Chelsea spends her time rock climbing, baking, and exploring the Mojave Desert. Visit


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