Learn about your Students’ Reading Life

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Here are two easy ways to get to know your students as readers at the beginning of the year.


1. Create a “Desert Island” Book List

Have students create a list of their favorite books of all time using the My Book List feature on Bookopolis (e.g. what books would you take to a desert island.) These lists can be posted in a class website/blog or emailed to parents.  Create your own to share with students so they can get to know you as a reader, too!


2. Reader’s Interest Inventory

Have students take 15-20 minutes to fill out a Reader’s Interest Inventory in class. You can download our Bookopolis Reader Interest Inventory (Fall 2016) template inspired by Donalyn Miller’s Interest Inventory and Joseph Renzulli’s Interest-a-lyzer. Customize it to meet the needs of your students.

Spend time reviewing each one and come up with 1-2 book ideas for each student. Send each one a personal “Book Recommendation” via Bookopolis.  It will show up on their Recommended to Me page from you.  This is time intensive, but kids get SO excited to receive recommendations from YOU. Try it and see!

Pro Tip: Here’s a 2 min video tutorial on how to Recommend a Book in Bookopolis.

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