Tutorial: How to Archive Classes in Bookopolis

For Bookopolis Educators: a short tutorial on how to Archive your classes in Bookopolis.


Step #1 – From your Teacher Dashboard, click the yellow “Archive” button next to your class name.

Archive - #1

Step #2 – Confirm you really want to Archive it.  Or, cancel.

Archive #2

Step #3 – Click the blue Archived Classes toggle button to view Archived classes. You can easily Unarchive them, too.Archive #3

FAQs about Archiving

Why would I want to Archive classes?

When your school year is done, you might not want to keep seeing your former classes in your Class List or your former students in your My Friends lists.

Do I have to do this?

No, you’re welcome to keep your classes and students in your current Dashboard for as long as you want.

Will the students lose their accounts if I archive them?

Not right away.  But, you’ll need to add a “parent email” or another teacher will need to be connected to their account by the start of the next school year of the students’ accounts will be made inactive.  They can always be re-activated.

How do I add a parent email to students’ accounts? 

It’s really easy. Go into your Teacher Dashboard, click the Class Name, then Add/Edit students. Enter the info and Save. If you need more details, check out this tutorial.

Other questions? Email us at info@bookopolis.com.

Happy Reading and Reviewing!

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