Bookopolis 2nd Grade Summer Reading Picks (2017)

We love these books for 2nd graders.  If you read higher level books, check out our 3rd grade or 4th grade summer lists.

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Fantasy & Adventure

castronauts look out for the fitzgerald Space Boy and His Dog space taxi Zapato Power #1 my father's dragon Secrets of Droon Flat Stanley fizzopolis Alien in My Pocket Galaxy Zack


Modern & Classic Fairy Tales

princess in black Seven at one Blow  Kingfisher Treasury of Stories True Story of 3 Little Pigs Stinky Cheese Man


boxcar great adventure box car children #2 box car children #3 Lulu Mysterious Mission shelter pet squad 2 nate the great  Big Bad Detective Agency Nancy Drew & the Clue Crew fenway foul up detective camp chicken squad cam jansen



Realistic Fiction

lola levine Lola Going Green Sidney, Stella and the Moon ivy and bean  Ramona   Henry Huggins  Alvin Ho   Ruby Lu     Like Carrot Juice on A Cupcake  stink and shark sleepover


Funny Stories (Graphic Novels & Regular Books)

Clara Lee dog mancouple of boysDory Fantagsmory big fat zombie goldfish mr cooper is superhorrid henry Clementine lucy and andylunch lady babymouse #2 bad kitty for president

Animal Stories

diva and flea Poppy  ranger in time 3 Dog Heaven Humphrey Poppleton puppy pirates dolphin dreams dolphin school puppy place absolutely lucy.jpg princess ponies



Secret Life of the Red Fox i am albert einstein I,Fly Manfish TFK Big Book of Why Who Was Walt Disney are you a spider superstars of science

Poetry & Picture Books

market street thunder boy jr   Where the Sidewalk Ends  Outsidemeet the dullardsThe Most Magnificent Thing Dragons Love tacos


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