10 Kid-Recommended Books Guaranteed to Make 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders Laugh


Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Funny books are a great way to keep kids reading way past their obligatory twenty minutes a night. To find out which books are guaranteed to have your fourth-, fifth-, or sixth-grade reader in stitches, we went straight to the kids themselves. Here are ten books recommended by young readers on Bookopolis.com, a social network and book discovery tool made especially for kids.

As I looked over their side-splitting recommendations, I realized the books fell into two general categories: highly illustrated books that use creative artwork to accentuate the funniness of the story, and books that rely on words alone to induce laughter.

Ask your reader which style they prefer. Both have a value and a purpose. Perhaps you can encourage them to try the opposite format of what they normally seek out to encourage variety in their reading life.

Keep reading on Brightly.com for a full list of the recommended books.

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