Inspire Book Discovery with Recommended Book Cards


Finding the right book can be hard for both reluctant and voracious readers – and everything in-between.  One quick fix is to let students share book recommendations with each other.  They can do that online on (learn more about that here).

But, for some kids, there’s something powerful about seeing and touching a physical book and connecting it to the recommendation.

You know those great “Staff Pick” or “Reader Pick” cards in your favorite indie book store? Transform your school or classroom library into a cozy bookstore by posting Reader Recommendation cards around your room.

ELA Lesson: How to Make “Recommended Book” Cards

  • Print out copies of this Recommended Book template
  • Have students choose 1 (or more) books they would recommend to others
  • Write a draft of a recommendation (i.e. Why You HAVE to Read This) on scratch paper or in the Book Buzz feature on 
  • Put final copy on the Recommended book card (Option to laminate for longer use)
  • Post cards next to the book in your classroom or school library.  Or, make a wall of recommendations for all to see.

Need more ideas for helping students find their next favorite book? Check out



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