Bookopolis 7th & 8th Grade Summer Reading Picks (2016)

We love these books for 7th & 8th graders.  If you want a different level of books, check out our 6th grade summer lists.

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Fantasy & Sci-Fi

seekerraven boys lady midnight the rithmatist  bone gap  nightfall night gardener challenger deep unwind Steelheart Uglies the scavengers

Fairy Tales & Myths

atlantia.jpg the crown's game  everland islands at the end of the world ruby red  Seraphina  Cinder   Rook    Dangerous dark days club false prince trials of apollo

Mystery & Adventure

rosemary spell London Eye Mystery Murder on the Orient Express Heist Society Cirlce of Magic Darkest Part of the Forest Crime Travelers mountain dog

Realistic Fiction

booked   thing about jellyfish Mosquitoland Dairy Queen drum girls Geography of You and Me One Thing Stolen Lizze Bright    Beginning of Everything Tracker level up true legend

Historical Fiction

Milkweed Starry River of the Sky Code Talker When My Name was Keoko Under a Painted Sky Gone Crazy in Alabama hidden


Treasure Island Little Women Three Musketeers 20,000 Leagues under the sea  Call of the Wild


most dangerous  boys in the boat.jpg Unbroken Black Potatoes Chew on This

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