Alternative Ways to Use Bookopolis in your Classroom

1. To write one review together for a book you read as a class.  Put Bookopolis on your white board/screen, and have the class work together to summarize the book and share an opinion about the book. You can type it in from your teacher account.
2. Use it as an enrichment opportunity for more advanced students who need a challenge.  Create a class with just a few readers that is a special “book club” and let them log books, write reviews, etc.
3. Use it to track what books you’re reading with your class. Enter them on your I Read It bookshelf and then share it with families or on a class blog with the share “Widget.”
4. Create a wishlist for your classroom that you send to parents.  From your account, add books to your I Want to Read list and then add to My Wishlist. When you click on My World -My Wishlist, it’s a public link with a Buy from Amazon button that you can send to parents to help you build a classroom library.

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