4 Mistakes I Made Trying to Raise a Middle School Reader

Check out my latest post on Brightly.com. This one is quite personal.  As you may know, I created Bookopolis when I realized my kids turned to their peers for book recommendations more than they did to me.  My now 6th grader was a voracious reader from about Kinder-4th grade. Then, as his commitment to sports deepened, his homework load got heavier, and he discovered a love of watching old World Series games on YouTube, the amount of time he spent reading went waaaaaayyy down.  To my chagrin as a mom and especially as the Mayor of Bookopolis.

Read more about 4 Mistakes I’ve Made in Trying to Raise a Middle School Reader.  And, solutions we’ve found as a family to keep reading on my son’s list of chosen leisure activities.

If you’ve found other ways to keep your middle schooler reading, drop me an email or tweet.


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