Nonfiction Book Ideas for 3rd-5th Graders

Here are some great picks for Nonfiction books for 3rd-5th grade readers.  Some relate to specific state standards (mostly California shown here) and some are just great informational texts to engage your readers.  What’s on your nonfiction shelf?

These books can be purchased through companies like Classroom Library Company and Booksource or some titles can be found on Amazon. Click through book covers below to see reviews written by teachers and students and Level data (when available) on

NOTE: Many of these books are one of a larger series of related topics.


Energy & Water


Energy All Around    Harnessing Power from Sun Not a drop to drink Explore Electricity   zap it's electricity Let's Investigate Light  Energy (Let's Expore Science) Going Green  boy who harnessed hte wind (really cool book!)

Magnets & Forces

What Makes a Magnet  Magnet Power  Amazing Magnetism   Forces and Motions at Work Attractice Story of Magnetism   Forces and Motion (graphic novel) (science through graphic novels!)

Living Systems

How Ecosystems work     ocean  Food Chains and Webs  Living Sunlight  Land and Pond Webs   Savanna Food Chain  Microquests How Does Your Body Work the heartUp We Grow Where does your food go

Rocks & Minerals

Minerals Rock ans Soil Rocks and Minerals- Pocket Genius Nat Geo Rocks and MInerals Rocks and Minerals for Kids

(Fiction books with Science themes)

Frank Einstein  Nick & Tesla Going Green (fiction)

Social Studies

California History (Gold Rush)

Timeline History Calif Gold Rush    512TEWV3CAL._SL160_    You Choose History- California Gold Rush  Oh California     Our Amazing States- CA     Weaving a CA tradition    My Life as a Native American    The Ohlone    Mission Santa Cruz    California Indians    Our California  The Golden Gate Bridge

US History

Who Wrote the US constitution  Early Explorers Kid Presidents 50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet  ick Yuck separate is never equal

Other Nonfiction


ZooBorn   neighborhood sharks

Inventors & Inventions

Pop  Earmuffs for Everyone  Hoop Genius  Ben Franklin - Graphic Bio  I, Galileo  roget The Boy Who Loved Math

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