Book Recommendations for Superhero/Comic loving kids

I put these together for someone and thought I’d share them out for anyone looking for book ideas for 4th/5th grade level readers who love superheroes and comics.

Graphic Novels

Origami Yoda –  fun series about a group of 6th grade boys and a talking orgiami yoda puppet they create.  Touches on real life issues faced by kids at that age but told in a goofy, relatable way with lots of hand drawn pictures throughout the books.  Part of a 6 book series
Amulet – story about two regular kids on a mission that go up against super demons and crazy animals.  Lots of action and adventure and highly engaging to kids.
Percy Jackson graphic novel – popular series based on Greek myths but done in a graphic novel format.
Boxers & Saints — based on Chinese history, it has action and violence but told it a more thought provoking way that also teaches about he Boxer Rebellion.
El Deafo –  it’s an autobiography of the author’s experience going deaf at age 4 and her trials and tribulations of elementary school life.  An easy read, but really engaging story with graphics that make the story even better.
Lunch Lady – more like 3rd/4th grade reading level but super engaging to kids. Stories of a crazy lunch lady 🙂
For more ideas – click on the Readers Also Liked page in Bookopolis and scroll down to the Graphic Novels shelf.

Super hero/spy books

Sidekicks – tale of a kid who is normal school boy by day, super hero sidekicks after school.  Humorous look at super hero characters with real life, adolescent situations thrown in, too.
NERDS – a fun series about a group of elementary school kids who are also spies.  Has a super hero flair too.  Great to hook more reluctant readers.
Unwanteds –  This is a Harry Potter-esque book but with themes that might resonate to your son.  It’s a dystopian story based on a land where all the “artsy” kids are thrown off the land and supposedly killed but they actually are saved and live on their own art-filled island called Artime.  There’s a good vs. evil kind of theme with battles and such like Harry Potter, but a lot of emphasis on the value and beauty of the art these kids create with their talents.
Spy School – normal kid goes undercover spy and enrolls in a top secret spy school.  Adventure and humor are big in this book.  Part of a 3 book series
Quantum League – magical crime story with a young hero who realizes he can change reality with his thinking.  Fun, engaging storyline.
For more ideas – check out this Pinterest board I curated based on feedback from lots of school librarians.




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