User Tip: Merging old and new Student Accounts

If your student already has a Bookopolis account, they will be able to merge their old (a.k.a. original) and new accounts in Bookopolis.  Just follow these instructions!

Benefits of Merging Account:

For teachers, each student will be part of your class account so you track and monitor their books read, reviews and reports written, minutes and pages recorded in reading logs.

For students, they will be friends with everyone in their new class AND keep all of their old books, points, badges, and friends.


Here’s How To Do It:

1. Teacher sets up new accounts for ALL students (whether they already have a Bookopolis account or not.)

2. Student goes to Selects Log In – Students.  Log in with NEW username and NEW password that teacher just set up for you.

3. A pink haired avatar will pop up and say “Wait!  Do you already have an account in Bookopolis?”  If you do, select Yes.

4. It will prompt you to log in with your ORIGINAL username and ORIGINAL password.  Enter that information.  Did you forget your username or password?  Send Kari an email at and she can help you retrieve the username and reset the password.

5. The site will tell you “We’re merging your accounts” and automatically log you out.

6. Go back to Log In – Students and Log back in with your ORIGINAL username and ORIGINAL password

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