Getting Started in Bookopolis – Students

Welcome to Bookopolis!

You can login to on computers or tablets with the username and password activated by your parent or teacher.

Watch this 5-minute intro tutorial video to learn more about what you can do in Bookopolis.

Or, here are a few simple ways to start exploring Bookopolis:

1. Change your avatar and Bookopolis world name.  Click on the generic avatar image to access your profile page.  Here you can change your avatar image, add your Bookopolis world name that shows up on every screen, select genres of books you like, and add other info about yourself.

2. Add at least 3 books to your shelves.  Use the search bar to type in titles or authors of books you’ve read, want to read, or are reading right now.  You can also click on Find New Books from the top navigation bar to see recommended books from other young readers.

3. Write at least 1 book review.  After you add a book to your shelf that you’ve already read, you can write a review of it. Click on the book jacket from your “I Read It’ shelf or search for the books and click on “Go to My Books.”  Here are some tips on How to Write a Book Review.

4. Check out My Friends’ books.  Students will be automatically connected with other students in your class as “Friends.”  Click on My Friends to see your Bookopolis friends. Then, click on a friend’s avatar to see the books on your friends’ shelves.

5. Explore the points and badges rewards.  As soon as you add a book to your shelf, you get your first badge!  Whoo-hoo.  Read about how badges and points work in Bookopolis here.


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