“Worth the Read” stories – 7/31/14

Five stories worth the read about kids, reading, edtech, or other things that interested me this week….

While testing gets a lot of criticism, this NYT article gives a research-based argument for how testing in the form of routine quizzes actually helps students remember knowledge better.

Is your kid interested in coding? Or do you feel pressure because your kindergartener is the only one who doesn’t know Java?  Ok, don’t stress out.  But, do check out this great summary of resources for teaching kids code.

Wonder why and how teachers use games in the classroom?  This report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center gives insights into how teachers use games as a tool to supplement more traditional curriculum approaches.

Is the shift to more online reading affecting how we read or how we comprehend what we read? This New Yorker article by Maria Konnikova shares new research that suggests we may learn more deeply with physical books as digital reading requires additional self-control and time management skills that some of us are still working to develop (ahem.)

Do you let your kids beat you at board games? Funny blog from a dad who proudly emerged as victorious playing Chutes & Ladders with his daughter and why he’s happy she lost.


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