The 1,000 Minute Summer Reading Challenge is On in Bookopolis!

2014 Summer Reading Challenge Badge

Reading throughout the summer is critical for kids.  One way to encourage this activity is by participating in a Summer Reading Challenge. Setting a goal, keeping track of it, and then celebrating your accomplishments is standard practice for adults and it can totally work for kids, too.

In Bookopolis, we encourage kids to enter their time spent reading every day in our fancy new online Reading Log.

Bookopolis Reading Log image

If a reader logs 1,000 minutes between July 7th and September 15th, 2014, they’ll earn a super fun Summer Reading Challenge Badge! Badge holders will be automatically registered in a drawing to win $20 gift cards from Amazon or a variety of local toy and book stores like Cheeky Monkey Toys in Menlo Park.

Why 1,000 minutes? Great question. We want to encourage kids to read 20 minutes a day for this challenge (Here’s your math for the day: 10 weeks x 5 days a week x 20 minutes = 1,000 minutes!).

Next question. Why 20 minutes a day? 20 minutes is pretty standard for a daily reading assignment for elementary school students around the US. Check out this great graphic displaying the cumulative effect of reading 20 minutes a day during the school year.  Add 1,000 minutes of summertime reading to that and you get 7,000 more minutes by the time a reader is in 6th grade!

Why read 20 min a day?


Let’s get reading!  Tell us what your kids are enjoying this summer so we can share it with other kids in Bookopolis.


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