6 Tips for Raising Readers

Our local children’s librarian, Michelle, is amazing.  My kids love going to the library just so they can say hi to Michelle.  She exudes a love of reading and a love for kids and it is contagious.

Here are some great tips courtesy of our local library on how to get your kid to be a reader.

1. Be a Reader

Let your child see you reading for pleasure and keep plenty of child-friendly books around the house.

2. Make it a Habit

Read together as a regular part of your daily routine.

3. Read it Again

Involve your child by having them ask questions and make observations.

4. Start Young, Read Often

Sit side-by-side and point to the pictures and words in the book.

5. Always Carry a Book

Fit in reading wherever you are.

6. Visit the Library

Get a library card for every family member and ask your librarian for book suggestions.

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