Summer Reading Headquarters

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Summertime means reading time here at Bookopolis. Need help getting your kid reading? Here are three resources to help get kids reading this summer:

Summer Reading Goal Model

1. Set a Reading Goal – We do what we measure, so help kids set a reading goal like 10 books or 20 minutes a day every day this summer. Summer Reading Goal templates a template you can use to set your reading goal. Post it somewhere in your house to remind kids of their goals.


2. Play READ-O – Play Reading Bingo and encourage students to try new genres and read in creative places. Download three different READ-O cards here.

3. Explore Summer Reading Book Lists – At Bookopolis, we believe that helping every kid find the book that hooks is a huge piece of the “how can I get my kids to read” puzzle. We’ve put together our Summer Reading Picks for 3rd-8th graders. Each list has more than 40 books across multiple genres that have been recommended by young readers. Click through each book cover to see a summary of the book and kids’ reviews. You can share these lists with students and parents as another resource to support their daily reading throughout the summer

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 2.02.58 AMBookopolis Summer Reading Book Lists

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