Virtual Bookopolis Summer Book Club

Reading is the perfect downtime activity that allows kids to escape to other worlds, learn something new, build empathy, or make sense of their own feelings. Plus, reading throughout the summer is a critical way to avoid the “summer slump” and even accelerate learning.

Experts suggest elementary and middle kids should read 20 minutes a day or 5 novel-length books (for older readers, that is.) But, many kids struggle to find the motivation to make time for this activity during school breaks.

This summer I wanted to try something new to help young readers 1) spend more time reading and 2) think more deeply about what they read. For the last six years, I have run afterschool book clubs at local elementary and middle schools. These clubs have been incredibly fun (for me and the kids) and have been a great way to expose kids to new genres and strengthen comprehension skills. But, IRL clubs are hard to do during the summer. So…for Summer 2022, I’m offering a virtual book club with monthly Zoom meetups plus extra motivational bonuses! The fee to join the book club will be $50 per reader + an optional $30 material fees for us to ship you the 3 books. See below for more details.

PS: If you’re looking for free ways to support your reader, check out the Bookopolis Summer Reading Headquarters.


What You Get:
  • 3 Monthly Book Club Virtual Meetups – we will meet via Zoom to discuss our book of the month in June, July, and August. I will offer two different groups based on reading level/interest. See book selections for each month below. Tentative dates for meetings are June 24th, July 19th, and August 12th. The cost of the program includes the 3 books shipped to you!
  • 12 Weekly Emails for Parents and Students with tips, reading prompts, book recommendations, and general check-ins designed to inspire and motivate young readers.
  • 1 Bonus Free Book! You’ll get to pick a free book from our giveaway list at the end of the summer for completing a Reading Bingo or Reading Challenge .

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